Are You Solving a Problem or Chasing Money?

We don’t have time for incremental change. we need dramatic change if we are to solve the complex global problems that plague us today.That dramatic change will not be driven by traditional thinking. Designing solutions for today’s social problems requires an social entrepreneurial approach, a mindset that embodies the characteristics of bold thinkers with audacious goals.

It all starts with identifying and solving the problem that really matters. Changing and impacting the lives of others in a very positive way. If you’re entering into entrepreneurship just to make money or get away from the 9-to-5 maze, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. You’ll be forced out soon enough, going back to your cubicle. But if you have a burning passion to solve an important problem of your community, you have the cornerstone of entrepreneurship in mind. Get boost up with Arun today, get inspired and get motivated.

What problem are you going to solve today?

Do you have an inspiring entrepreneur story or do you know someone who has an inspiring entrepreneur story in your area? We would like to hear it.

Please email us at we will reach you..

Thalam – Empowering Entrepreneurship

A business of impact is the business of the future. Thalam aims to unleash the power of the Tamilian wave and make a global impact by sharing the secret sauce behind every successful business venture. We believe that this initiative will empower many first-generation entrepreneurs and inspire those who are already a part of the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem to excel even further to fight income inequality and eventually eradicate poverty.


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