Kid Entrepreneurship

If you’re like most adults today, then running a business was the last thing on your mind as a child. In this video Arun Kumar talks about the importance of raising your kid as an entrepreneur. With school, sports, and activities filling the day, the closest most kids ever get to entrepreneurship is setting up a lemonade stand on a hot summer afternoon.

But for some kids, the spirit of entrepreneurship is something big something catches on at an early age. And today, there are more kid entrepreneurs changing the small business landscape than ever—we’re talking way beyond the lemonade stand.

As a parent, there’s a lot you can do to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in your child. Aruns kids are only 10 and 13, but he is already looking for ways to build their sense of independence, creativity, and innovative spirit.

Arun Kumar is an energetic and dynamic business mentor, a certified marketing consultant and a John Maxwell certified speaker has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years with 5 different brands. In one-month alone Arun has brought in 15 million USD from the influences of his strategic market planning. Medical Legal Spider currently serves 900 clients. His organization serves over 2000 web and mobile sites while employing 300 employees globally and domestically. With a proven methodology, Arun has become a leader in agile marketing.

With all the wisdom that you will acquire through this video, we hope both the parents will work on their kid’s entrepreneurship spirit. After watching this video please share your thoughts.

Do you have an inspiring entrepreneur story or do you know someone who has an inspiring entrepreneur story in your area? We would like to hear it.

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