COVID19 Crisis

The corona virus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting thousands of businesses and individuals.It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. We strongly believe, we the entrepreneurs can resolve this global economic crisis. So,Lets join hands to mitigate this situation.Please look around and identify the problem that you can solve.

Do you have a great business idea that solve that problem? Are you looking for a mentor who can a give a personal insight and tailored advice to guide you through that challenges? and are you looking for investors who can make this idea a reality?

Please send your ideas to

We are waiting to hear your ideas.
Lets come together and coact to boost our economy.

Thalam – Empowering Entrepreneurship

A business of impact is the business of the future. Thalam aims to unleash the power of the Tamilian wave and make a global impact by sharing the secret sauce behind every successful business venture. We believe that this initiative will empower many first-generation entrepreneurs and inspire those who are already a part of the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem to excel even further to fight income inequality and eventually eradicate poverty in our community.


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