Buc-ee’s Case Study

The modern customer wants an incredible experience. The customer wants to know they matter to your business and the issues and challenges that they experience can be solved through you. In this video, Arun Kumar travels from Dallas to Houston to present us with an adventuristic case study on the world’s largest gas station Buc-ee’s. Buc-ee’s is a Texan chain of convenience stores and gas stations located in the Central, North, South, and Southeast regions of Texas as well as locations in Southern Alabama, and Florida known for its incredible experience and marketing strategy. The chain serves as a supersized highway pit stop complete with “world-famous bathrooms”, branded T-shirts, a beef-jerky bar, a wide-ranging home-decor section including Texas native style decors, and freshly made fudge.

The insight that runs beneath the rise of Buc-ee’s convenience stores is this: You can get a lot of people to pull off the highway and spend money if you guarantee them an immaculate place in which to heed the call of nature. As one Buc-ee’s billboard proclaims,

Your Throne Awaits. Fabulous Restrooms–32 miles.”

To reach those restrooms, of course, customers have to walk past endless aisles of snack food and candy, refrigerator cases filled with beer and soda, self-serve drink and coffee stations, a big horseshoe-shaped “Texas Roundup” BBQ stand and glass counters containing more kinds of jerky and fudge than should exist.

Sometimes the hard part is not solving the problem, but rather letting the customer be aware that there is a solution for their problem at the same time make them buy stuff with an amazing experience. What a smart strategy right?  Whether it is your website, application, brick and mortar, email- the focus has to be on the customer. When the need or want of a customer has been identified and your company can easily and effectively communicate how you solve it and by giving the customers a great experience.  

Arun Kumar is an energetic and dynamic business mentor, a certified marketing consultant and a John Maxwell certified speaker has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years with 5 different brands. In one-month alone Arun has brought in 15 million USD from the influences of his strategic market planning. Medical Legal Spider currently serves 900 clients. His organization serves over 2000 web and mobile sites while employing 300 employees globally and domestically. With a proven methodology, Arun has become a leader in agile marketing.

We hope this video talks brilliantly on a successful business tale of Texas. After you watch this video we believe you will start to analyze what problem your business is going to solve and how you are going to provide a great customer experience.

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